Core Values

  1. All Youth Have Leadership Potential -- creating opportunities for youth envision themselves as leaders though caring mentorship relationships (to develop leadership skills experience, practice, and through caring mentorship relationship.
  2. Neighborhood residents are key to developing solutions to common concerns – organizing families to work together for the benefit of all.
  3. Making home a good place to be -- developing a new awareness of themselves, as people who can individually and collectively transform their neighborhoods.
  4. Play is the avenue to creating physical and mental health – re-defining play as opportunities for participants to building caring relationships through fun and creative activities.
  5. Relationships is everything. 
  6. Academic success evolves through social emotion learning. – social emotional learning comes through play and connections with others.
  7. People Helping People – build empathy through non-judgmental relationships with adults and children. 


Central to the Yes Network's mission is the integration of personal development and social transformation with the understanding that systemic change happens when people operate from a place of compassion and awareness. To this end, network members offer programs and activities that--while addressing specific community needs--cultivate greater connectivity and mindfulness.

Work of this nature requires a supportive and affirming community--a network of people who believe in the power of "Yes!"