Summer Food Program

Serving breakfast and lunch each summer to children in our neighborhoods

The Yes Network provided over 90,000 meals for kids in low-income neighborhoods from early June to mid-August 2018 and is now among the top five Minnesota non-profits in the number of summer meals served. The meals have provided an avenue for a much broader focus on child health and wellness that has become the essence of the Yes Network’s mission. In conjunction with the food, outdoor games, enrichment activities, art and music are organized in a dozen of the larger neighborhoods. Together, these components encourage good nutrition, summer learning, physical health, and social emotional well-being.

  • Served on site in 23 neighborhoods
  • Nutritious Hot Meals
  • Kids serving kids
  • 50+ Volunteers (Church Groups, Community Members, Apartment Managers)
  • 1,100 – 1,300 kids a day